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goodbye gravity

And there you were thinking that my hands were tied

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There suddenly is a fine line between what feels right and what feels wrong. Anger turns into sadness, into regret, then confidence and a boosted spirit. But all the while, never showing through your veil. How can so many emotions shift around your body, making every inch of your skin crawl with angst, while your face stays in the natural form you have followed for years.

Beneath everything we have ever believed and trusted in, lies the key to what we think life is all about. Money, sex, fame, sometimes. But love, it’s always at the heart of it. Whether sworn off relationships for ever, bitter from divorce or watching a new relationship bloom from a bud, love seems to seep its way into all corners of our lives.

A perfectly sound life can turn someone into the deepest of dark thoughts within the shortest amount of time. And why? Is it because we find ourselves analysing ourselves based on something we invented up with a once perfect stranger? Because we all deep down hate change? Or because we secretly want to stop searching for something we know we may never find?

Somewhere out there is a person, walking, talking, eating, doing something mundane and ultimately boring. But this person, who’s to say we won’t one day marry them. Maybe just sleep with them, a few dates, or a 18 year friendship. We can’t change the future, nor can we read it or determine it. We can wait, and hope for the best. We can look at all relationships, good and bad, and catch that glimpse of love. Those moments that make everyday feel like it will fly by without a hitch.